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"The caliber of teachers at Our Secret Garden is amazing; each teacher is so attuned to the academic and social/emotional needs of each child. It is the most nurturing and comfortable environment for children I have encountered. The emphasis on nature and exploration puts it above any other preschool. I have a very high bar for education and Our Secret Garden has checked every box." Shana P.-Newburyport, MA

"Our Secret Garden is a nurturing, magical atmosphere where learning comes to life. Children thrive as they are encouraged to develop their own unique selves in a strong and supportive community environment. I know this because I watched my son blossom over the three years he spent at school. The comprehensive curriculum is strengthened as the teachers make powerful connections with the natural world. I cannot speak highly enough about the teachers in both classrooms. They exceeded my expectations every year-from helping us separate at drop off for the first few months to navigating the many joys and challenges of toddlerhood. Our Secret Garden will always hold a special place in our hearts." Elizabeth S.-Newbury, MA

"We are over the moon happy with our experience at Our Secret Garden. This is the first school our son has attended. He was the youngest in the class and I was up in the air on whether or not he was socially and emotionally ready. Seeing his excitement in the mornings on school days was the best and confirmed our decision. The teachers are kind, nurturing and patient. They have taught him so much here but more importantly, especially because of his age, they have shown him how to act and behave in a social setting. My biggest takeaway is that they let kids be kids but within limits. The backyard is a HUGE plus. The kids get tot explore and create independently but within a safe fenced in area. We highly recommend this school." Shauna E.-Newburyport, MA

"Thank you to OSG for helping to be the shepherds of my daughter's heart. Shepherding it towards kindness, creativity, wonder, empathy and personal responsibility. I am so thankful for the care each of the teachers takes to select books and introduce character..of true character in my daughter's world. The care they take in pointing out the wonder of nature-every day. The time they take to create programs of learning that induce curiosity and questions. Every time I speak with them or visit their library in the classroom, I truly feel like I am walking away a better parent-because of what these teachers and staff share with me-the ideas they have, in how to enchant and challenge my daughter. How to make each child's character stronger and more resilient. I am always reminded that I shouldn't underestimate them-that they deserve to be exposed to Tchaikovsky and Jackson Pollock, and Maya Angelou. And why not? They get it. They absorb all the amazing-ness. Sometimes I forget that, and OSG reminds me. They really see my kid. They speak frankly, and with love on the good days and the bad days. And I couldn't trust a group of women more. I trust my baby's heart to these women. I'm so grateful to have found them." Lyndsey H- Newburyport, MA 

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