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Welcome to Our Secret Garden indoor | outdoor Nursery & Preschool, an environmentally-based center created to serve the community with care and quality education for children ages 2.5 – 5 years.
We are gearing up for the upcoming school year, but there is still more summer fun to be had at Our Secret Garden preschool!

Below are a few highlights from our amazing summer camps.

Our first summer camp was Hear the Beat...Feel the Rhythm

The children went on a world tour, no passport needed!
In Asia, they built structures with bamboo blocks; learned Kata and created Zen Gardens.
In Africa, they echoed African drumming with rhythm sticks; made Mandalas and explored the vibrant colors of African flags and shields.
In South America, the children learned to Samba; played soccer and learned how to say hello in different languages!
In the Caribbean, we danced the Meringue; painted with watercolors and created our own calypso music on steel drums!
We ended our journey in North America. We played baseball, made Apple pie and danced to rock and roll music.
What a fantastic cultural experience for all!
Miss Roberta teaching the children Kata (a beautiful Japanese art of choreographed movements)
Playing a favorite American pastime, baseball!
Zach Field (of Zach Field Drum Studio) visited to teach us reggae and calypso music on the steel drums!
Repeating African drum patterns with Rhythm sticks
Our second camp was the Bird and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees!
This camp allowed children to "dig" deeper into the natural world around us. 

While exploring Birds, we made "Clay Wacky Birds" with nature materials outside; moved like different types of birds and we used a variety of tools as our "beaks".
Next, we transformed into Honeybees! We created bee headbands and pollen baskets;collected pollen (cotton balls) from the garden; protected our Queen bee and tasted honey!
We acted out the life cycle of the Butterfly. The children created clay caterpillars; sipped "nectar" (lemonade) in our own butterfly garden; played a Very Hungry Caterpillar Toss game and our live Painted Lady caterpillars arrived. We watched were ready to watch the metamorphosis happen right before our eyes!
To celebrate ladybugs, we decorated rocks as ladybugs; played ladybug tag (we were ladybugs chasing aphids!) and learned the importance of the ladybug's role in the garden.
Our last day was Nature Walk day! We took all the things we had learned and explored and became Nature Detectives in our neighborhood. We discovered spiderwebs, listened to birds singing and even found a fairy door! This camp has been an excellent extension of what our school loves and appreciates. 

Clay Wacky Birds!
Bee headbands and Pollen baskets!
Egg to Caterpillar to Chrysalis to Butterfly!
Painting rock ladybugs
Nature Detectives in the Neighborhood
Our last camp of the summer was Time Passengers. 
We climbed aboard our time machine every day for a new adventure. This included the Stone Age; Ancient Egypt; The Wild West; the 1950's and ended on the 60's and 70's.
In the Stone Age, we crawled into our caves and drew Petroglyphs in chalk; created clay tools for hunting and became Hunters and Gatherers.
In Ancient Egypt, we experimented writing our names in Hieroglyphics; built pyramids with sugar cubes; adorned ourselves like royalty with jeweled collars and "Walked Like an Egyptian" with Miss Kristine!
Yee-haw! We saddled our horses and went back to the Wild West. We sang at the campfire with our homemade banjos; rode "horses";learned a line dance; panned for gold and practiced our lasso skills on a "bull"!
In the 1950's, we introduced the children to the classics (like Elvis) on vinyl records; played popular yard games like croquet; slicked our hair or wore pony tails to enter the diner. We received car side service, sipped on milkshakes and ended with a dance party!
Our last day was just groovy. Miss Kristine showed us all what it meant to be a true Flower Child. We talked about the importance of the Peace movement; we made our own lava lamps; tie dyed our own shirts and "chilled" under the trees while listening to classic rock.

Peace and Love from all of us at Our Secret Garden

Our Time Machine
Petroglyphs in our caves
Writing hierogyphics
Panning for Gold!
Milkshakes at the Diner
Tie dye!