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2017 Summer Sessions


Call 978-465-7070 to register.

Our Secret Garden Preschool

Summer Camp Sessions 2017

Hear the Beat…Feel the Rhythm

~ July 10th – 14th ~

Creative movement, literature and cultural games will be our ticket to far-away lands!

  • Let Calypso music of the Caribbean invite you to explore the islands

  • Step into the world of a Samurai as you learn precise movements of Kata (practiced in Japan and China)

  • Celebrate the sights and sounds of “Carnival” in South America

  • Twist and Shout” in an American record shop

  • Let African drums call you to Safari

Guest TBD (“Musical Suite” drumming class?)

The Birds, The Bees, The Flowers and The Trees

~ July 17th – 21st ~

Our nature detectives will FLY, CREEP, and CRAWL as they investigate the natural wonders around them.

  • Collect pollen with the bees

  • Sip nectar with the butterflies

  • Soar in the flight of a bird

  • Crawl like a beetle to an under-cover hideaway

Through literature, creative movement, art expression, nature walks and hands on exploration, we will experience the life of these fascinating creatures!

Guest TBD- Audubon naturalist?

Time Passengers

~ July 24th – 28th ~

Our time machine will transport us each day to a different time and place!

  • Walk in the footsteps of early man - (Pre-historic times)

  • Stand in the shadow of your own pyramid – (Ancient Egypt)

  • Mine for gold (Wild West)

  • JUMP and JIVE at the malt shop (50’s)

  • Get GROOVY in our PEACE garden ~ Do a little dance, make a little tie-dye…get down tonight! (60’s & 70’s)

Camp Sessions are $180 per week and run from 9:00am-1:00pm

Children will need a packed lunch from home.

Registration begins on March 17th