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2018 Summer Sessions

Our Secret Garden Preschool

Summer Camp Sessions 2018

Session 1 – July 9-13

Let the Games Begin! Bring your energy, join the fun and build team spirit!

  • Olympics Day ~ Carry the torch, Run a marathon, Build a Lego flag

  • Candy Land “Live”in the Garden ~ Stroll through the Peppermint Forest, climb Gumdrop Mountain (beware of the molasses swamp!)

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame ~ Steal 2nd base, catch pop flies, hit home runs, help run the “snack shack”.

  • World Cup Soccer ~ Find your strength and pass it on, GO-O-O-AL!

Design a team hat

Simple Fun in the Summer Sun ~ Play the day away the old fashioned way! Backyard games, bean bag toss, relay/sack races, obstacle course &a visit from the ice cream truck!

Session 2 – July 16–20

"Wows” (worlds of wonder) in Our Backyard and Beyond!

Open up windows of imagination to the world of Peter Pan just outside our back door. With a dusting of Tinkerbell’s pixie magic, we’ll fly to adventures in…

  • The Island of Neverland, to build forest forts and search for treasure

  • Pirate’s Cove,for a showdown with the notorious “Captain Hook”

  • Mermaid Lagoon, where we’ll meet live and imaginary beach creatures

  • Pixie Hollow, to create fairy/gnome villages with “Tink” and her friends

Through play, music, art, imagination &more, we'll learn to find wonders in our own backyard too!

Session 3 – July 23 - 27

From Bach to Rock!Join us on a journey through time as we MOVE to the music

of past and present and find the SONG in our hearts!

Have a “BALL” with the composers (Learn the waltz) Classical

  • Be a ROCK STAR with the band (Design your band’s t-shirt) Rock n Roll

  • Have a roaring good time at our JAZZ café(express your “artful” self) Jazz

  • Swing your partner do-si-do (ride in the rodeo) Country

Perform your own song then accept your Grammy at our award ceremony!

Camp Sessions are $175 per week from 9:00 -1:00

Children should bring their own packed lunch from home.

Sessions are for 4&5 year olds Registration begins on March 1st Call 978-465-7070