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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Secret Garden Indoor/Outdoor Nursery and Preschool (OSG) is a nature-based center aimed at nurturing children of all abilities to care for themselves, each other, and the earth in a quality educational program that kindles children's natural sense of wonder and intellectual curiosity. Experiencing nature hands-on and then taking that experience into the classroom sparks learning at the highest level of each individual child's potential. OSG is committed to environmental stewardship believing that every child has incalculable worth and can make a positive difference in the community and in the world.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Sowing seeds of integrity
  • Nurturing children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity
  • Fostering compassion
  • Affirming children's natural tolerance of individuality
  • Creating rich learning experiences through group play, individual attention, developmentally appropriate curricula, and nature
  • Loving attentive care for children in a stimulating, healthy environment

Our Indoor/Outdoor Gardens

OSG is committed to providing opportunities for children to experience nature hands-on, through activities in our outdoor organic garden, indoor planting areas, aquaria, and around the community.

We are located at 20 High Road (Route 1A), Newbury, just south of the Newburyport border.
Meet OSG's Director and Lead Teacher - Ellie Dawson
Ellie Dawson joined OSG with an AS degree in Early Childhood and over 25 years experience in both administration and direct classroom teaching in the EC field. She has a great appreciation for nature, which is also the inspiration behind her teaching and design for the curriculum.

Ellie loves to guide children through first-hand experiences of the natural world and seasonal changes around them as well as encouraging their curiosity, observation and language skills, and understanding of how they can care for the earth. Her passion for children's literature and the importance of reading aloud support the curriculum while strengthening children's listening skills, memory retention, vocabulary, and more. Ellie looks forward to watching the wonder of new discoveries, joyful friendships, and growing imaginations with all of the OSG children.